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匿名: what are you top favorite manga genres?

(*´・v・) Hmm… horror, psychological, supernatural, mystery, and most definitely ero-guro. (´∇ノ`*)ノ Especially ero-guro and horror.

(My favorite type of mangas though, consist of a mix of horror and psychological. I read ero-guro for funzies mostly. And I like romance too, but lately I haven’t been feeling it. (゜▽゜;))

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1 リアクション - 30 4月, 2013

検索タグ: Anonymous answered nyuuuuu i prefer ero-guro art the best though above manga ero-guro art is my favorite thing why do you think my blog is ero-guro themed

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  1. onlyggyuのコメント: Unnie you should seriously watch Supernatural. It’s an American TV show and holymother, it’s good!!
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