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匿名: sempai i'm confessing to my crush this friday gaaah i'm so nervous. did you do it to yours?! do it sempai!

That’s great sweetie! You can do it, I’m rooting for you. 

Oh hahahaha about that…

 I did and I got rejected. (´;ω;`) But! He was so nice about it and I’m perfectly okay. See I’m the perfect example of the other side of not getting what you want. Hahaha, I felt really sad and really disappointed… and… I won’t lie, it stung like hell. It was painful and it basically lit my emotions on fire. But that only lasted for a couple of minutes. Then after that, I just felt sadness, but nothing I couldn’t push away.

I’m not angry at him nor am I holding a grudge. I mean sure a part of me wishes it had gone differently, but I can’t change what he thinks. But really, it only hurts for a little bit and then you’re okay after that. So however your confession goes, realize that even if he/she says no, it’s not the end of the world. It is sad though, I’ll give you that.

 But you can do it. Don’t give up without first trying it. It is much better knowing than not knowing, even if it hurts. Good luck anon!

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2 リアクション - 13 12月, 2012

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  1. ahiruuのコメント: wow you’re so brave ;u; i would never know how to go about confessing.. i’d just be too awkward haha
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