Pink Diamond
匿名: And one more thing, Myuun-chan: I wrote him a letter detailing my feelings and it's hidden in between the pages of a book full of pictures of cats that he asked me to buy for him because we both love cats so when we hang out next I'll give it to him right before I leave. That is my "Make-my-life-like-a-shoujo-manga" plan. ~Anon S

;__; Omg I’M SO SORRY I SAW YOUR MESSAGES BUT I WAS OVERWHELMED WITH CROWNS AND NOW I CAN ANSWER YOU. I still need more crowns to go but I don’t want to stall this any longer. And you’re welcome sweetie! 

Aaaaaw that is so romantic! Good for you bby, that is the cutest thing I have heard in forever. Seriously, if he doesn’t like you after that, SCREW HIM, I’ll date you. You’re the cutest and I’m crossing my fingers in your honor.