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匿名: ANONY HERE KNOWS OF OBORERU KNIFE. That manga is so good!!! Like srsly, I was rooting for Kou at first, but he became a real d-bag ): Now I prefer otani? outaro? I forgot his name e.e whatever. You know, the other guy. He is SO MUCH BETTER!! (I loved the flower scene, so SEXY xD) Oh!! What do you think about the new dude? That one that tried hitting Kou with a bat? SO MUCH FEELS IN THIS MANGA. A REAL work of art. EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THIS MANGA. What are your thoughts in it sempai? :3

Ootaro?… Ootoro?… Something with double O. HAHAHA I FORGET TOO. 

I read it a long time ago right when it was barely at volume one and it is such an incredibly beautiful manga. I think there is something so magical about the art. It makes everything so much better and almost… dreamy and sensual? There is something special there that only George Asakura (one of my favorite mangakas btw) can give. 

The story never is quite like your typical slice of life either. It has very tender moments but so much darkness too. It depicts life just as it is. Heavy and grueling and really demonstrates how happiness doesn’t last forever. I like how it begins with their childhood and how we get to watch the characters grow up and through their experience change.

I really thought the focus would be place on Kou and Natsume but it all expands. It’s like the bubble that they both lived in, that bubble that made them so special explodes as soon as “that” happens. I don’t even know if they will end up together. I truly hope they do, but for now I am totally with you, I really prefer Ootaro… Ootoro… -looks up- OOTOMO. THERE WE GO. 

I think he is such an incredibly good guy and he and Natsume definitely deserve to try being in a relationship together, even if it is Kou who might be with her at the end. I really and truly want to see her with Ootomo, even if it’s just for a volume or two. 

AS FOR THE NEW GUY, I think he is a very interesting character! At first I thought it was Kou who suddenly approached Natsume because they looked similar at first, but when it was a totally new guy I thought it was interesting to see him! I do wonder what part he will play in the future! Maybe a new love interest? WHO KNOWS!

All I know is that George Asakura is one of my manga Goddesses. (´;ω ;`) And I can’t FRIGGIN’ WAIT FOR A DAMN UPDATE. -CRIES-

This manga can really hit you hard though, during “that” part I was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. It begins mysterious and aloof but it hits you very hard with how cruel reality can get and how traumatic something like that can be. ;________; THEY WERE JUST KIDS. -CLUTCHES HEART-

匿名: why are all the kous in mangas idiots? in ao haru ride and obereru knife.....what else oAo

-GASP- thats a great observation! I can’t remember another Kou right now, but right now those two are really making that name infamous. 

;_____; I remember when I used to really like both Kous. Like Oboreru Knife, I LOVED him when he was a kid and although now he is really really really sexy looking with his long bangs and all, I just can’t really forgive him for the way he is treating… Natsume? That’s her name right… I forget.


- The reason why I’m trying; Is because I’m hoping that life would make a change (via sweetcocopuffs)


匿名: hi misa-tan!! how was your day? i hope it was as lovely as you!! :DD (your new url is cute btw!!!)

Thank you very much! (*≧艸≦) I love my new domain! 

My day was gooood!

I had a good day. I mostly spent it reading Harry/Luna fanfiction…

-side eyes- (I can’t stand Harry/Ginny so whenever I watch the movies after the fifth or sixth one I gotta console myself reading fanfiction about my otp) (this is harry potter btw)

And in a couple of minutes after I am done reading I am gonna continue rates that I didn’t finish last night! SO YEAH! Good, good day! 

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